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Gold Coins – Silver Coins – Ancient Coins – Coin Sets – Currency & More
Gold & Silver Coins — Coins in Joliet, IL
Gold & Silver Coins
We buy & sell all types of gold and silver coins. Some of our purchases and sales include uncirculated, certified, proof, Pre 1933 Gold, ancient coins and more. We sell and buy coins from around the world in any condition. From rare and ancient coins to common sets we offer and buy any gold or silver coin.

Ancient Coins — Coins in Joliet, IL
Ancient & Hard To Find Coins
We buy & sell all types of coins. Some of these coins include Roman, Greek, Biblical, Medieval, Spanish and more If you are looking for an ancient or hard to find coin call or stop in today. We will work closely with you to buy or sell an ancient or rare coins.

Coin Set Collections — Coins in Joliet, IL
Coin Set Collections
We buy & sell many types of rare and common coin sets. Some of the sets we have on display include mint, proof, commemorative, certified and more. If you have proof, mint or modern commemorative coin sets to sell…Call us today!

Rare Currency — Coins in Joliet, IL
Rare Currency
We buy and sell rare currency paper or coin. We buy and sell US silver certificates, national currency, obsolete or broken bank notes and more. We offer a free appraisal for your rare currency and carry a large selection on display. Call or stop in today!

Commemorative Coins — Coins in Joliet, IL
Commemorative Coins
We buy & sell any classic and modern US Commemorative Gold & Silver Coins Circulated and Uncirculated.

Old US Copper Coins — Coins in Joliet, IL
Old US Copper Coins
We buy & sell 1800's US Copper Half Cents Large Cents and Two Cent Pieces in Circulated and Uncirculated conditions.

Mint Error Coins — Coins in Joliet, IL
Mint Error Coins and Currency
We buy and sell all types of Mint Error Coins and Currency from Blank Planchet Coins to Missing Serial Number Currency and everything in between!