Gold and Silver Buyers in Joliet, Illinois

"I have been collecting coins for a couple of years but never very seriously until recently, over the last couple of month I have been visiting coin shops in the Chicagoland area and NW Indiana over that time I have significantly overpaid for several coins (yes, I was $crewed). I visited this shop with my lessons learned and was greatly surprised by their wide selection of coins and reasonable prices, I had a better idea of what the coin I was looking for was worth and the price they gave me was well within that range. I found a couple of other very interesting pieces that I would not have found anywhere else. I will definitely be back when I am in the area. Don't expect a lot of small talk or glamour there, just a lot of cool coins."
"What an easy experience it was having to sell some of my belongings. I didn't feel belittled or less of a person. The owners are very nice & made my experience much more pleasant than I expected. I was given more money than I expected & would recommend their services to anyone looking to buy or sell coins or jewelry. Steve, the owner, is very knowledgeable in the coin & metals industries that he knew the value of my gold & silver pieces, & their origins, immediately. Thank you very much for making it a little bit easier having to sell some of my belongings."
iCoin Shop

My name is Vickie, I have been a customer of Steve and Mary's store for about a year along with their son who has always treated me with respect. They are the most honest business people I have ever met. When you leave the store you know you have not been cheated at all. That is very rare in the world today. Don't even go to a jeweler. Go to Steve's store.
I met Steve and Mary through my daughter and son in law, they have been friends with Steve and Mary for many years. When my mother passed away she left behind a lot of silver coins. I went to several shops in the city (Chicago) to see what they were worth, when my daughter found out she told me go straight to Steve. Well I am very happy that I did. Had I not I surely would have lost out, there are a lot of people out there that take advantage of those of us that do not know anything about coins. Steve explained what I had and I was surprised by the difference in what I would have received had I sold them to someone else. I appreciated his honesty and I thank him for helping me. I have recommended Steve to many family members and friends and I suggest if you are thinking about taking coins to him for selling or if you are in the market for buying you will not be disappointed.

Mickey J
Just visited iCoin for a second time, they were very honest and fair. I would recommend them to anyone.

Holly S.
Crest Hill
Would not deal with any others. iCoin is honest and fair and helped my 92 year old grandmother with her coin collection.

Mark D
When my wife wanted to sell her old gold jewelry, I told her that I would be more comfortable selling to Steve at iCoin, than selling to any of the hundreds of "We Buy Gold" places that are everywhere now.

Paul M
Joliet, Ill