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Coins & Currency — Antiques and Coins in Joliet, IL
Coins & Currency
We offer many different coin buying options from rare coins to any gold, silver, ancient coin on the market we have them all at the best prices. We have coins for the beginner collector to the most advanced collector in the United States. See our list below for some of our most common coins available.

Stamps — Antiques and Coins in Joliet, IL
Rare Stamps
From a single stamp to an entire collection we can help you with all of your stamp collection needs. We offer many unique and hard to find stamps on the market today. If you need help buying or selling your rare stamps call or stop in today. For a list of some of our stamps we offer see our list below

Jewelry — Antiques and Coins in Joliet, IL
We sell all types of jewelry from gems, diamonds, wedding rings to gold chains and more. We offer the lowest prices for quality jewelry way below what you would pay at a jeweler. Call or stop in today to see our huge selection of rings, watches, chains, gold and silver jewelry on display.

Watches & Time Pieces — Antiques and Coins in Joliet, IL
Watches & Time Pieces
We deal in many Vintage Better name wrist watches and pocket watches! Stop in and see what we have!

Precious Metals — Antiques and Coins in Joliet, IL
Precious Metals
We sell many different types of precious metals including gold, silver, sterling, platinum bars of metal and more! For a large selection of precious metals call or stop by today to view the largest selection around! For some common metals we offer see our list below.
  • Any gold coins
  • Any silver coins
  • Silver Dollars 1935 and before
  • Half Dollars 1970 and before
  • Silver Nickels 1942-1945
  • Foreign Coins
  • Wheat Pennies 1958 and before
  • Quarters & Dimes 1964 and before
  • Buffalo Nickels
  • Canadian Silver Coins 1968 & before
  • Modern U.S. Mint Commemoratives
  • Franklin Mint Silver and Gold
  • Indian Head Pennies
  • PROOF and MINT sets
  • ANCIENT coins